Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wreaths- They are pretty

Wreaths are round designs that can be used for many different decorating needs. The round part of a wreath is often made from fresh evergreen. Various types of trinkets, flowers, leaves, bows, and designs can be applied to it. People often hang wreaths on their doors as a sign that they wish to welcome those that have come to their home to visit.

Wreaths can be any shape or size that you want them to be. People often hang large Christmas wreaths for the holidays, but various styles of them can be hung all year long. Of course a fresh wreath isn’t going to last more than a few weeks. There are ones make from artificial evergreen though. Others are made from woven pieces of wooden sticks. Dried flowers can be used as well so you don’t have to worry about them wilting and dying.

There are memorial wreaths often laid at the headstones of those that have died. Since a wreath is a symbol of love and strength it is very fitting. The biggest time of year for these types of wreaths to be put into place is Memorial Day. This is a time for people to remember those they loved that have passed from this world. Wreaths can also be found at the cemetery to honor a birthday, an anniversary, and even the Christmas holiday.

You can buy wreaths or you can choose to make your own. All of the supplies you need to make them can be found at various craft stores. This gives you the ability to make them very personal to your own likes and needs. It can be hard to find a wreath that is already made for specific occasions.

Children love to do crafts so let them help to make a wreath for the holidays or other occasion. You can proudly display it for everyone that comes to your home to see. Wreaths aren’t very expensive whether you make them or buy them. They do offer a lovely addition to your home though so find out what types of wreaths may be a good match for you. It can be fun to have several to change for the upcoming season or holiday as well.

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